“Roman’s Bride” Wins Audience Favorite at Phoenix Fear Fest

Dead Weeds Pictures is thrilled to announce that our debut horror film, “Roman’s Bride,” took home the Audience Favorite Award at its world premiere in Tempe, Arizona at the Phoenix Fear Film Festival on Saturday, January 23.  The film’s first public screening was held at the MadCap Theaters in Tempe in front of an audience of over 150.  Following the premiere was a Q&A period with husband and wife filmmakers, Michael and Anne Paul along with members of the cast and crew.  A former Tucson resident, Anne Paul, wrote, produced and starred in the film.

The Festival’s program describes Anne’s performance as “startling… combining fragility and cruelty in her portrayal of a badly-damaged psyche.”  The statuesque Paul made herself available throughout the day talking to fans and aspiring filmmakers, with a charm strikingly different than her on screen persona.   The festival’s own recap of the event describes Paul as having brought Hollywood glamour to the third annual event.

Shot entirely in Iowa, across three counties and countless working farms, ‘Roman’s Bride’ tells the story of Lily Heller (Paul), a lonely, rural Iowan torn between a repressive faith and an unrequited love for life-long neighbor Roman (Rennat).  Indulged in her world only by doting childhood friend Amos (Massey), Lily exists in a self-restricted isolation. When Roman and his girlfriend announce plans to marry, Lily’s fragile psyche collides fiercely with an immorality she sees permeating her world, reminding all of us that, “…religious fundamental[ism] and the violence which results are in no way restricted to the Middle East and Islam.” (Jim McLennan, Phoenix Fear Film Festival)

Dead Weeds Pictures is an Iowa-based production company headed by husband and wife filmmakers Michael and Anne Paul.  “Roman’s Bride” is the company’s first feature film.  More information on the film can be found at www.romansbride.com.